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One Month

Been sick and gone for a while (plus no internet haha) but I thought today would be a nice day to write since 1. I can steal internet from my neighbor and 2. I’ve been here for exactly one month. Time flies so quickly… when you’re not doing anything haha. Actually I don’t know, its fast but it’s also slow. I’ve actually been homesick the past couple of days since I’m all sick and shit. Never had I ever gotten food poisoning back at home, even when I eat the dirtiest burrito out there. Talking about burritos,I would KILL for one right now. I doubt I could find a burrito here though. The closest thing would be a Roti haha. I’ve been eating at sizzler a lot here. It’s actually really different from what we have back at home. The food is actually good, and the salad bar is awesome. You order an entree and it comes with free salad bar too! They actually serve fresh salads and a variety of different soups everyday. I usually get a grilled fish fillet and just dig the salad bar. I don’t use any of their dressings but instead the fresh pico de gallo salsa. So good. I guess that’s the closest I’ll ever get to mexican food haha.

Jade, Lina, and Charles bought their ticket to Thailand! So stoked to get to hang out with them here. They get here on Christmas day, so I guess I get to celebrate with them for a couple of hours.

I miss my job. When I get back I swear to the monkey god that I will pick up every shift possible. I am also almost broke. Wish I had a job that pays well on this side of the world. Feels so useless when I’m not working. Ok I’m too lazy to keep typing. Catch you guys later!