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How Time Flies

Wow how time flies! It’s already close to December. This is the first year that I’ve spent my holiday season outside of California. Also sucks cause I usually celebrate the day before Thanksgiving with all my friends. Sorry guys, gotta pass up on this year but I promise I will run that shit back whenever I get home. I am really eager to see how different Christmas is over here though. They are finally putting up lights, tress, and the xmas songs are starting to play all over the places. That always bring a smile to my face, and why, I don’t know. I usually work a lot during this season cause it’s the season to make the MOST money out of the year. Sucks that I will be missing out on that this year =/ but hopefully things here will make up for it. Okay I’m lazy so I’m gonna stop here. I knew this was going to happen too. I make a blog, blog for a couple of days then I just abandon it. Let’s see how long I can keep this up haha.