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So, all my work here is done in Thailand. Guess I can go home happily now haha. This place REALLY isn’t the place for me is it? No matter how many times I try my luck here it seems like I always just end up at the same place doing the same thing feeling the same way. It really does suck. I guess I can rant a bit since I haven’t done it in a while and no one really reads this anyway. It’s winter again finally. Every winter, I get separated from the person that I love the most outside of my family. This year is no exception, but I was expecting it. However, what I did not expect was to not FAIL at everything else in life hahaha. I thought hey, maybe this year something will change cause I don’t have that person around anymore. Sure it feels great, but I still did not achieve anything. I don’t get it, whats up with winter? Why torment me every year? Isn’t it about being all happy and stuff during the holiday seasons? I always have to feel down for the past 5 years. And to make things worst, my birthday falls right after the holidays and it pretty much have been sucking for the past couple of years too! Not like it really matters or anything. All good though, cause I still have a great family and many great friends that love me. But sometimes… just sometimes.. that’s not enough. Weird how I can be happy and sad at the same time haha. Ok, signing out. Good bye.

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