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Been a While~

I knew I couldn’t keep up with a blog. What did I say?! But here I am, updating this thing again.

I’ve been having a great time the past week. Jade and Lina are finally here and we went to Phuket together. I haven’t been to Phuket since I was 12, so I definitely did no remember how it was. We stayed at this resort that Jade’s parents got for us. They knew the owner so it was all comped for us. The place was super awesome, and later I found out that we were staying at a place where it costs about $2000 USD a night. Crazy!! We then went to a couple of the signature islands around there and then moved out to stay at this very nice condo for a couple of days. It was a great trip indeed.

My lease on my condo is expiring in a week. I am a little bit bummed out about that. When I came back from Phuket and walked into this room, I felt like I was home. I just started to feel attached to the place and now I have to leave it. Even when I come back next time and choose to stay at the same condo, I just know that it won’t be this room anymore. Kind of heart breaking in a sense. If I had money I’d buy this room in a heartbeat.

Ok lazy again,til next time!