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It completely sucks to miss someone so bad. When I was in Thailand, it sucked cause I missed my dad. When I’m back in El Cerrito, it sucks that I miss my friends so much. But one thing that I know is that, one day I will see all these people again and I will have a great time with them. However, it really sucks to miss someone that will no longer be in your life anymore. And it sucks even more to know that that person lives two minutes away from you, but they don’t give a shit about you anymore. But if that is the case, why do I miss them so much? Life is funny and does not make sense sometimes. It’s funny how I can wish for the person that dislikes me the most to have a great life. I sometimes stalk on people that have been out of contact for a while, and surprisingly I am happy when I see people successful, especially the ones that I dislike or dislikes me. Funny how things work for me, but it is what it is.