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Things I’ve learned in Thailand

This trip to Thailand of mine was probably the longest trip I’ve ever taken to Thailand. It’s also the only time I’ve ever spent without any support from my family there, at all. I have learned so many things there this time around. A lot about me, a lot about Thailand, the culture there, and so many other things.

I think that the thing I learned and is most excited about is to learn how to look at people and their appearances. In my life growing up, I always looked at people and thought to myself “hey she looks really pretty” or “hey that guy is handsome” but never knew what made them pretty or handsome. I just couldn’t tell. Now I know. After spending so much time at the cosmetic clinics in Bangkok, I’ve seen uglies turned movie stars, and I know why now. Let’s start with the face. The main thing on a person’s face is their nose. Funny, and people don’t think about this often, but the first thing people actually notice is the nose, since its right smack in the middle of your face and it builds a complexity and dimensions for your face. So, if you have a flat nose, you have a flat face. If you have a too long of a nose, well, you look like a witch, or a bad guy. Notice how all the bad guys and witches in cartoons have long ass noses. Next are the eyes. Big deal too. The size of a person’s eyes make such a big difference in their face. Next is the shape of the face. Some people have round shape faces, or squared faces etc. So nowadays when I see someone I think that looks good, I know how to analyze their face. I know now that their nose is nice, their eyes are beautiful, and the shape of their face is perfect. Skin is also a major part and possibly the biggest part. You can tell if that person takes care of their skin or not by just looking at them. Thanks to Meko Clinic, I am able to tell most of these things now, and also who had surgery to augmentate the way they look. I still can’t tell the super professional ones, but for the most part I can tell who’s got what done to their face. And you know what, if it makes you look better and you can be more confident in yourself, I say do it. You get my green light haha. After seeing and learning so much, I feel like I kind of work in this industry. I love to see people look good and feel confident about themselves. And if I can advise some people and make them look good, it will make me feel good too!

I learned that I like living alone by myself. So as soon as I get rid of some debt I am getting a place of my own for sure.

I learned that Thai people are biased and they suck. Nothing is fair there.

I learned that I can’t keep typing in a blog for more than five minutes so, until next time!